Contemporary Real Estate

Q Real Estate, part of the Hatzor-Weinlos Group, creates contemporary living environments custom-designed to suit the dynamic lifestyles of today's discerning residents. Q specializes in identifying prime opportunities in high-demand locales, leveraging the latest concepts and technologies, as well as a creative, dynamic approach, to initiate and perform projects that consistently put the resident's quality of life first. Drawing on a wealth of experience as well as sterling reputations, the company's owners, Ronen Hatzor and engineer Gil Weinlos, are strong believers in the values of innovation, creativity, and excellence. Q Real Estate employs a staff of some 30 professionals at its head office: engineers, architects, economists, appraisers, project managers, financial experts, and legal advisors. On a project level, Q collaborates with the leading and most reliable construction and marketing companies, as well as key business partners who have ably supported the company for many years in fields such as taxation and urban planning.

The Partners

Ronen Hatzor, Chairman

Ronen Hatzor is a real estate entrepreneur and businessman with extensive, well-regarded business activities in Israel. He founded Q Real Estate, part of the Hatzor Weinlos Group, with engineer Gil Weinlos, and today serves as an owner and director of the company. His creative ability to think outside the box helps Hatzor find solutions to complex projects where others might simply give up. This inventive approach helps his group and its partners achieve impressive returns.

Gil Weinlos, CEO (Engineer)

Gil Weinlos founded Q Real Estate (part of the Hatzor Weinlos Group) with Ronen Hatzor and is currently a partner and owner of the company. He is a construction engineer and safety consultant by trade, as well as a certified real estate appraiser with more than 20 years of experience. Gil Weinlos works tirelessly to realize his vision while setting a consistently high standard in the engineering and appraisal industry.




Q Real Estate initiated this project and reached an agreement to demolish the northern Sumail compound in Tel Aviv. Acquisition and marketing for a luxury residential tower featuring approx. 280 apartments and perimeter block construction is carried out in partnership with the Hagag Group, Tzalir Real Estate and the Vardinon Group.

Ha'Am Hatsarfati Boulevard

A prestigious project on Ha'Am Hatsarfati Boulevard in Ramat Gan's Shikun Vatikim neighborhood. The project includes 81 apartments, of which 51 were expanded and 30 were added above the existing structure.

Beit Lessin Complex

Q Real Estate has worked to advance and approve a master plan for the most prestigious residential tower in Israel, which will be built to a height of 26 stories. The project includes locating tenants for commercial areas as well as the sale of the complex.

Ibn Sina

An impressive real estate project at 18-22 Ibn Sina Street in Haifa. The project includes restoration and renovation works on 19 residential apartments in a heritage building, as well as the construction of 24 additional apartments – 43 apartments in total.

6 & 8 Tashi Street

A high quality residential building at 6-8 Tashi Street in Ramat Gan's Rishonim neighborhood. The project includes construction of a 10-story residential building with approx. 45 apartments and a total area of some 5,000m2. The project is being carried out in partnership with Shemi Ashkeloni.

Kehilat Varsha

A prestigious project in Tel Aviv's Hadar Yosef neighborhood, featuring excellent surroundings and a very central, easily-accessible location. The project includes the construction of four residential buildings, with a total of 100 apartments.

Clalit Health Services

The plot was acquired in partnership with Tidhar. A 8,000m2 building was constructed and sold as an income-producing property to Harel Insurance (long-term lease to Clalit Health Services and New-Pharm).

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